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I'm going to stop right here because I can't stand your confrontational and condescending [email protected] Dan - I have a very low tolerance for people who approve/promote/encourage drug use. But make sure to educate yourself on ALL POSSIBLE negative side-effects and DO NOT CLAIM THEY ARE SAFE. That's all I need to ensure I have 100% complete control over my eating habits.I feel so light and pure on shrooms, that I want nothing "filthy" to pollute my body.And ANY sickness can be treated with things that are much better and safer than magic mushrooms. This is my opinion, it is based on what I know from my education.

I can have that food around me and not give it a second glance. I even willingly chose to try a bit of plum cake a co-worker had given me and it tasted foul. The speaker, Andrew Weil, is a leading researcher and pioneer of health. My high horse is tired and it does not want to argue anymore.My vision increases slightly and my mood (which is almost always positive and cheerful) is uplifted even more to a pure blissful state.My problem solving skills take a noticeable turn for the better."), and powerfully productive when handled with positive intention ("I'm going to set aside this day to learn something from this experience. Thank you for asking for clarification about drugs.I'll probably meditate.") VB, I'm truly sorry that two of your classmates died from drug use, whatever drug that may have been. When I say "drugs" in this context I mean "Recreational drugs are chemical substances that affect the central nervous system, such as opioids or hallucinogens.

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