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At the Smithsonian's National Zoo, they eat primate biscuits, browse, spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, other greens, broccoli, grapes, bananas, apples, melons, carrots, sweet potatoes and green beans.

Male members of the troop awake each morning and give a dawn "chorus" that is answered by other males.

These tree-dwelling herbivores mainly consume tree and vine leaves, flowers and tropical forest fruits.

Mammals do not have the enzymes capable of digesting cellulose, the carbohydrate that composes the leaf cell wall.

Even with fermentation, howlers can only extract limited calories from their food, so they must be cautious as to how much energy they expend.

For this reason they will typically spend half of their waking day resting.

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In comparison, a spider monkey, which feeds primarily on fruit, has a home range of 1,000 acres (300 hectares). She will be on hand to clean the cam lenses from time to time. Pete 9/25/17 The at Starr Ranch tomorrow, Tuesday 9/26. Will likely start around 8AM PST and be out most of the day. Pete 9/1/17 First off, it’s been blistering hot here lately at Starr Ranch. There have been two juvenile Ravens around who have taken a shine to the compost and like to visit it often. I will also be reinstalling the watering hole cam because it is dry, dry, dry here and I’m seeing misc wildlife now even coming in to the drip that is always there. And while Gretchen, Jorge and I still need to fine-tune some stuff on the new cams for the cavity and PTZ I’m hoping to get them up soon. I was told that we may be back up before 3pm so I suggest you start checking back in around 1PM. But this evening it was a bit cool (95…) so I reinstalled the compost cam.They move slowly using a quadrupedal mode of locomotion and they have five-toed, grasping feet.The large hyoid bone (Adam's apple) that allows for their loud call restricts arm movement, so howler monkeys rely heavily on their tail for locomotion.

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