Dating a kigurumi

She is able to earn high marks in school and still work part-time at the cafe ABCB.Madoka's parents are kind-hearted but workaholic professional musicians often touring outside Japan, so she lives in a large house with her older sister.They are forbidden from using their powers in public, lest they be discovered and exploited.

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Despite her delinquent reputation and capricious nature, Madoka is also shown to excel at various activities both scholarly and athletic.

He is unable to decide between his feelings for Hikaru and Madoka.

Due to the loose manner that he and his sisters relate to each other it's a running gag that many characters consider him a playboy and two-timing since it is believed he is dating Hikaru.

After her sister gets married and goes to live abroad with her husband, Madoka lives there alone.

The story involves the eventual shedding of her tough exterior after she becomes Kyōsuke's friend, as evidenced by the changes in her life after she meets him.

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