Dating a punjabi guy Sex chat conversation example

The point of the matter is, we will always have differences however big or small.

Its acceptance of each other that makes/breaks a relationship. I'm filipina & Chinese and I'm deeply in love with a punjabi Sikh beautiful man.

Besides, I believe if he is really a man (not a mama's boy or a man who has not cut his ambilical chord with his mother), he will stand up for his actions and take ownership of his decisions in life. If you have any words of wisdom or enlightenment, please share it. I am a punjabi (sikh) female in love a mexican/native american/filipino man.

i love this man more than anything in the world and there is no doubt in my mind that i want to marry him.

And oh, a little open-mindedness from the family also DOESN'T hurt. We have known each other for 4 years now and still he has not introduced me to his parents nor even speak about me around them.

Meanwhile, I am willing to introduce him to my mother because the love I have for him.

A number of people have been writing to me asking why I do not speak for the men? Ok enough of my counter chauvinism, there are a lot of reasons that men are great.

I mean without men, who would fix the pipes and inspire all the beer jokes?

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We both are still grad students, however, the question of marriage has risen.I am a Filipina, and I am in love with my Punjabi boyfriend.Before we got exclusive, I have my own prejudice against Indian men.but do get married ..expect to be welcomed warmly into the family...instead be prepared to live life with out the in-laws for a couple of years. We do have plans for the future and have talked seriously about marriage and family.But i guess the differences between culture, religion and background becomes a problem. They might be from the same country but can have different religions/beliefs.

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