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He or she may or may not be an author s avatar into the world, but is frequently the best of the best because authorial avatar may be a Mary-Sue isn t always.

Sue Avatar At this point, I think the amount of time and money I have to put in simply to get the possibility of a second date let alone anything else is ridiculous and off putting. Than you need to set aside time to practice till you get it right while working on everything else in your life. A metaphor I would use is to imagine you 8767 re in a hot tub the water feels warm and deliciously inviting and the guy happens to be walking by.

But if you re someone who has success 6 out of 85 times, of course you re going to take rejection a bit better than someone who only has success 6 out of 555 times.

I 8767 ll be honest: the cultural phenomenon that is Girls has more or less passed me by.

Gonna come across as *slightly* bitter here, but risking it: I think people who say don t worry about rejection and leagues don t matter are those who are attractive to a wider range of people, or who are naturally in a higher league.

If neither of those options appeal, then I think you unfortunately need to keep trying to figure out what s not working for you on your dates so that you can begin to change that thing.

The struggle I often have with articles written by men is that they use the word 8775 feminine 8776 as if its meaning was obvious and didn 8767 t need explanation.

The huge problem with that is that what men consider 8775 feminine 8776 has absolutely nothing at all to do with being a woman. What men don 8767 t seem to understand is that the set of behaviors, mannerisms, and mindsets they consider feminine has absolutely nothing at all to do with how women behave when we 8767 re by ourselves or with each other.

I just saw this post, which would be an answer to a bunch of the questions I asked in another thread. Finding ways to optimize success and minimize pain can be very healthy.

At the same time, though, I think it is a good idea to bear in mind the plethora of exceptions to leagues or types.

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