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©2006 Publications International Chair and table legs exhibit many of the features that distinguish furniture styles; the leg is usually a good indicator of type.

Early Georgian furniture is based on Queen Anne; later styles show classic influence.

Late 18th to mid-19th century Woods used: Pine; maple Description: Severely functional; no decoration; superior craftsmanship; excellent design.

Even if your home’s blueprint has been well endowed with closets, we love adding a used dresser for an extra touch of function and fun.

The following criteria will help you determine if your old furniture is an English-made antique.

Early 18th century Woods used: Walnut, also, cherry, mahogany, maple and oak.

They also tend to feel more contemporary than vertical dressers, which frequently hark back to more traditional styles like Federal and Chippendale.

Most old wooden furniture you will encounter, most likely, will be either traditional English or American Colonial styles.

Let's review the special characteristics of both popular types.

Mid-Century Marvel: Mid-Century Modern dressers often showcase raised, flat-panel drawers.

The drawers’ dimension makes these dressers a great candidate for trying out a fun gradation pattern.

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