Dating usa one night stands

Anglo women change more partners over life time than women from other countries Women all ages go out, get drunk, f**k with strangers but still so many guys are jerking to a porn Logic tells you that something dont add up I read an article a few years ago where men were asked which country had the sexually easiest women (easiest for one night stands, sex on first date, etc.). American women are the most unfriendly, unapproachable and anti-social women in the world!No wonder why so many guys in the US can't even get a woman's phone number and even if you do get a phone number, you most likely will not get a date with her.The two nearly universal demands on this list are height (most American women want a man who is super tall) and having a "wild side" (most American women want "excitement" which really means they want a man who will treat them badly).I disagree that American women all want rich men; I think height and being a bad boy trump wealth since I have seen it many times in real life.Roosh is not an ally to this site and I wish Winston would stop quoting him so much.I suspect that roosh is right however that doesnt mean that Joe Blowjob can get it easily.those that actually do get women they get it easy, you know when you listen to women conversation they always talk about 'some guy that never return calls, not interested in them, etc', thats the type of man that is wanted by more than one women, he screws up many other 'beta' guys "I like you and want to go out with you" if you happen to be 'her type' of guy, but if you were 'that' guy there would never be need to ask such a question, you would just 'know' that you are IN ..vibe, feel The US is the easiest country to have sex in.

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But that’s just for a one-night stand, which is pointless.In the US, 50% of all women are overweight and most women are either average looking or unattractive.The few thin girls who are good looking, are getting asked out all the time.I know that p4p in US is illegal but common if you really wanna get a hoe theres plenty on craigs list socalled 'massages' that cost 150-200 bucks, besides many drugs are illegal but it didnt stop anyone from getting it.In Australia prostitution is legal but it doesnt help you coz p4p is not direct competition to regular woman that sleeps around for fun Roosh also claims that USA is the easiest place to get laid/especially for one night stands is the best country.ranks it before Brazil, Colombia and all Latin America believe it or not As far as I know Winston met many people in Russia/EE but didnt get laid that much(I dont know how many he laid, if any), he can give us number as Im interested about his strike rate.

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