Error code updating iphone

The error message is terse — and almost always terminal for the device in question. It’s still not clear if the 6s and 6s Plus are vulnerable, too, because they use a different cable design than earlier models.

i Pads with Touch ID can get the error, but the i Phone 5s is not affected, even though it has Touch ID.

We first received reports of Error 53 in September 2015, when a U. Some people have received an Error 53 even though their devices were never repaired or opened up.

The truth is that Error 53 has plagued many i Phone owners, not just those who have replaced Touch ID — and it’s not totally clear why.

Error 53 is an unfixable error code displayed by i Tunes when restoring an i Phone that is found to have an unidentified or unexpected Touch ID module.

The Secure Enclave is an “advanced security architecture” developed by Apple to safeguard passcode and fingerprint data used for Touch ID.

Fingerprint data is encrypted and protected with a key available only to the Secure Enclave.

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