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Family and friends who I do write cards for I will visit and hand deliver but my family are close by so it's easy for me to that. If i would have a real tree i would forget to keep it watered like a do with a few plants that i have, the pine needles would do my head in that drops onto the floor..

Most i have seen they just dont look bushy enough for my liking..

Other traditions that are being lost are sending Christmas cards. This is my last UK Christmas and part of me would love a real tree, but we're saving cash and we have a fake tree in a cupboard which we can get out which will do the job, for no new cost, and also, environmentally, I have a bit of an issue with just chopping a tree down to decorate my house and then throw away.

well, as nice as a real tree is, if it's one that's been cut down, then it won't be lasting very long and it's such a sad sight to see brown needle-less trees lying around for months on end afterwards.So even though it is a bit expensive every year, the money goes to a good cause.I think I might send fewer Xmas cards this year, probably only to those I don't see that much and write a little note inside to make it more personal. You have to buy a new one every year and they drop bits on the floor.last year we had an artificial tree and when we went to put the lights on it was a nightmare they,d got tangled and then we found one or two of the lights didnt work , and then finding where id put the decorations ...anyway this year ive bought a new fibre optic tree its about 5ft- 6ft one i wanted wasnt in stock so was impatient and bought the 5ft one no mucking about with tangled lights and decorations ! think its really important to be eco and nature friendly so i try not to buy a real christmas tree anyway just going through the village where i live whilst on the bus this morning and saw the first glimpse of this years christmas tree .was sort of blink and you,ll miss it lol not that tall the lights arent switched on until this weekend sunday i think !

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