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Witnesses said the vehicle zigzagged at high speed down the street, ramming pedestrians and cyclists.The numerous impacts the van had received caused the airbag to inflate and the driver protection system to automatically shut down the electrical system of the van, causing it to halt. He fled on foot and made his way to the university district before hijacking a car and stabbing the driver to death.Once their you can have some good live sex chat for free.Enjoy talking and masturbating on these hot female camgirls. Tons of naked webcam girls from all ages are waiting just for you on their webcam.These camgirls are teens, milfs, grannies and even mature women. If you want to sit back and watch a nice girl have real fun naked, Watch her. She used to have dark hair, but she has been dying her hair blonde lately. Always seems to be at the top of the camgirl list when she is performing. Great build up in how she slowly gets naked and dances around the room.

The home had over 120 gas canisters inside, which police believe the cell was attempting to make into one large bomb or three smaller bombs to be placed in three vans which they had rented; but which they accidentally detonated.

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Police initially thought it was an accidental gas explosion, but hours later believed the explosion was caused by stockpiled explosives accidentally going off.

A Moroccan man was injured in the explosion and taken to the hospital, he is to be questioned by police.

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