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Before my grannie died she lived at 52c Westland st with her daughter Francis mom moved to Birmingham hope thats enough to go on for now thanks Pat Hi Little Annie and welcome to Rootschat. Thank you Oisinh1 & Mary Derry for your time and trouble your infomation on Biddy & Mary Anne i reckon is right i did not know i had Mary Anne as a g auntie .

You might want to do a "google" search for Annie and Buncrana and see if anything jumps out at you. hl=en&lr=&q=buncrana mc laughlin Good luck, Pat Hello every one in buncrana my Grannie is related to the cooper Charles Mc Laughlin nick name his Grand daughter is called Bridie Murphy she now lives in Birmingham. JAMES MCLAUGHLIN & SARAH MC LAUGHLIN.found this marriage. I have just talked to there niece, my auntie, it seems to add up Biddy lived in union st in Derry and her sister Mary Anne lived in Fredrick .

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