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That’s one reason I knew Laura was “the one” very early on.

In fact, the first time we saw each other in person, I thought, “I’ve found my future wife.” Connecting during my non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment Initially, our conversations just made me happy.

Laura visited me in Houston quite a bit while I was preparing for an allogeneic stem cell transplant.

And even though I was experiencing memory lapses, joint pain, digestive problems and other side effects, I was happier than I’d been in years.

They gave me something to look forward to and think about during treatment.

But as we became closer, our conversations seemed to revolve more around us as a normal couple, not around me and the cancer. With her, it sometimes felt like I didn't even have cancer.

But that's exactly what happened after I met the woman who would eventually become my wife.

We offer you comprehensive treatment plan customized for your disease by giving you access to genetic testing, molecular sequencing and expert assessment.

Winship has pioneered many advances in bone marrow transplant procedures and drugs.

Targeted drugs and combination therapies: Recently, the U. FDA approved a number of new drugs that use the patient's immune system to fight multiple myeloma.

Chemotherapy: Multiple myeloma is sensitive to different combinations of chemotherapy, which may involve one or a combination of anticancer drugs that destroy cancer cells.

Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplantation: This treatment consists of destroying cancerous bone marrow cells by using higher doses of chemotherapy and in some cases, radiotherapy, and then replacing them with healthy bone marrow or stem cells to help patients regain a new and healthy immune system.

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