Peirsol dating

Some of these are; the continual improvement of technique, scientifically established insights into stroke patterns, technology with suits and equipment, dryland training, and even recovery drinks and food supplements.One of the more critical elements to effective training that has recently been stressed for swimmers is the idea of recovery.Another important change during the past 40 years is technique.

This is when we ask ourselves the question; Does the suit really make that much of a difference?In addition there are many additional things swimmers currently do from targeted stretching after workout, to drinking chocolate milk, as a means to replenish what is lost during workout.Who would have thought people would have been sleeping in tents to make their bodies feel like they were at a high altitude?In 1976, when Naber was in his prime he was breaking world records in a brief.In contrast, Peirsol, who broke his first world record in the spring of 2001, was normally seen wearing just a jammer.

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