Purity christian dating

Rather, it's knowing that there's a safe place to love and experience one another throughout our lives together, throughout the peaks and valleys that virtually every couple eventually walks through. We allow purity to hinder us from engaging in godly relationships with the opposite sex.

Recently a young woman wrote to Boundless concerned that her devotion to purity was getting in the way of forming relationships with young men. My heart's desire is to marry someday, and I am happy to wait for the man God has for me. It's crazy how much I know about the topic of purity — what purity looks like, how to embrace the feminine heart, how to not lead men on — but when it comes to real interactions with Christian men, I feel like all that knowledge runs into an alley of pitch black darkness, never to be seen again.

I embraced the whole idea of saving sex for marriage (physical purity) and guarding my heart (emotional purity).

As a teen, I was not a stranger to the purity movement.

The purity was there, but Paul also condoned familiarity — even affection and love — with those of the opposite gender.

Healthy relationships require sincerity and a lack of fear.

In context, sexual purity is part of a greater lifestyle of righteousness that is fueled by our relationship with Christ and His grace poured out on us.

When we elevate the cause of sexual purity to the same level of importance as God himself, it becomes an idol.

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Paul sought to instruct the Christians in these cities and communities to live in new and counter-cultural ways.

A lot of the apostle Paul's best purity stuff was written to those living in sexually decadent cultures.

Thousands of people seeking sexual satisfaction filled the great Temple of Diana, which overlooked the city of Ephesus.

God made us sexual creatures so that he would be a more deeply knowable creator.

We were given the power to know another human sexually so that we might have some hint of what it will be like to know Christ supremely.

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