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"I was never that guy that thought it was uncool for a band to be successful.

I always thought, ' Wow, wouldn't it be amazing to be able to pay your bills and be a musician?

' It's just nice that being motivated to be successful is not a crime anymore." *** On a frigid afternoon in late February, Levine emerges in the lobby of New York's The Mercer hotel with an apology.

He landed funny while performing in Montreal the night before and tweaked his neck.

"I think that there was this generation before us that was so hellbent on not selling out that it went too far, and I feel like maybe it's history correcting itself because it's more acceptable now to do a lot of the things that musicians would have been terrified to do 10 years ago," he says, acknowledging that hours from now he will give media interviews to peddle a new apparel line for Kmart.In fact, Levine's growing portfolio likely will earn him more than million this year, according to sources familiar with his many business dealings, with NBC paying him million to million for each cycle of .STORY: ' Man Candy' to Mogul: Adam Levine, Inc."Between and Maroon 5 breaking through to a million-dollar-plus-a-night attraction, plus all of his other activities -- writing, producing and more -- he's a big industry." Following Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, Levine has become perhaps the most successful example of the new business model for musicians in an age of declining record sales.By taking a chance on a singing show his rocker brethren might find beneath them, he has been able to showcase his likable personality on a twice-weekly platform that has allowed him to launch a multimillion-dollar business -- lifting his band to new heights in the process.

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