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Despite this momentum, the economic contribution of women is still less valued and less worthwhile in society.According to The Women’s Foundation, the salary gap and gender gap is real – Hong Kong women make on average 20% less than men, while only 10.9% of listed companies have female directors.Hong Kong’s overwhelmingly female workforce of domestic helpers are positioned as second-class citizens on the basis of the work they do and the value we place upon this work.Domestic helpers, however, allow Hong Kong women to play a more significant role in the white-collar economy – helping to shape and sustain a participatory workforce and economy.They denote that a woman’s value is directly correlated to her (male) partnership; that a woman’s value diminishes as she increases in age, if she does not embody certain character traits or adhere to fixed standards of beauty.An ideal woman in Chinese culture is expected to uphold traditional norms of femininity – to aspire to marriage (with a man), to conform to certain standards of beauty and character traits.These perceptions foster a culture of anxiety when it comes to dating and marriage, and reduce women’s ambitions to the “accomplishment” of finding a (male) partner.When we look at messages from the public domains of entertainment, popular culture and media, expectations of women are put on display, and openly spurn inspiration and inclusiveness.

Outside of the professional sphere, domestic work and the private lives of women are beheld and shaped by conservative social expectations and norms, further illustrating the feminist dichotomy at work in Hong Kong.

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The women’s personal accomplishments and character were neglected in favor of improvements in the form of “cosmetic surgery clinics, makeup tips and learning what length of an SMS message will keep a man tantalized.” Crystal Fung, the newly-crowned Miss Hong Kong (also a TVB production) was recently the subject of scrutiny for her Facebook posts using “foul language” to lambaste local politicians.

Political commentary aside, the media response was baffling.

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