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Flying over the Mediterranean at 17,500mph, he lined up the Mir in his sights and with barely a shudder the two craft touched. After the safety of the spacecraft was confirmed with the pressure between them equalised, Gibson opened the hatch separating them.Propelling himself through to the Russian craft he stretched out his arm to shake hands with his counterpart.

A Russian Soyuz rocket launched a whopping 73 satellites into space this morning, sending the spacecraft into three different orbits around Earth.

The symbolic gesture was watched live from Moscow by US Vice President Al Gore, and by the head of NASA Dan Goldin at the Russian control centre.

The crew of the US shuttle moved into the Mir for group photos, before presenting the cosmonauts with gifts of chocolate, fruit and flowers.

On May 3 in Moscow another well-known journalist Alexander Rubtsov became a victim of murder. It may sound crazy, but these men and other LGBT victims in Russia most often meet their attackers through apps such as Hornet or Grindr.

Public monitoring shows that almost everyday an LGBT person is being attacked in Russia.

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    In one night hes gone from being a precinct nuisance to worldwide notoriety.