Who is dan howell dating who is zooey deschanel dating joseph

Dan Howell is a British video blogger and radio personality.

The show was designed to be interactive with the audience, featuring amateur music videos from listeners, challenges performed on air by the presenters and song requests.

He was encouraged by “some friends” including Phil Lester to continually upload videos to the site.

In 2012, he won the You Tube competition “Super Note” run by Rhett and Link. During his college times, he was said to be a romantic and handsome boy who had a unique style and presentation.

The first video they made was filmed in Manchester and the second video was made in London, hense the name 'Sexy Internet Dating - London' Its Valentines day and Dan and Phil decide to troll people on the new dating app Dan had gotten on his phone.

They masquerade as a wooden Guinea pig and message men on the app. Dan and Phil have moved to a new area and decide to troll using a location based dating app Dan had downloaded on his phone.

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