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Monthly sky maps Space Science and Astronomy news Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table for One Year and a lot more by the US Naval Observatory. Federation of Astronomical Societies Campaign for Dark Skies Campaigning against UK light pollution.Zoom Astronomy A very educational site, including an online astronomical dictionary. International Astronomical Union Society for Popular Astronomy Astronomical Society of the Pacific Lots of information and resources.Night Sky Observer Practical information from Dublin. Powers of Ten The scale of the universe, dynamically illustrated. The name "Guernsey", as well as that of neighbouring "Jersey", is of Old Norse origin.The second element of each word, "-ey", is the Old Norse for "island", while the original root, "guern(s)", is of uncertain origin and meaning.British and French television can both be received in the islands, and often include extensive rugby coverage - such as the Rugby World Cup and Six Nations Championship.

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Due to its proximity to the major rugby nations England and France, Guernsey rugby is amongst the oldest in the world, dating back to the mid 19th century.St Jacques home ground is the King George V (KGV) playing fields.The current coaches are Jon Bell, Rob Box and Peter Mcmachon, the Current captain is Brett Mc Farlane.This intensified during the Hundred Years War, when, starting in 1339, the island was occupied by the Capetians on several occasions.In 1372, the island was invaded by Aragonese mercenaries under the command of Owain Lawgoch (remembered as Yvon de Galles), who was in the pay of the French king.

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