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This is the fact and this alone: Domyoji Ryosuke is nothing but a spoiled and useless brat.""Imagine what he would do if he heard you...," Haruma wondered."He can't do a thing. "Top scholar, the other's are scholars as well." Ryosuke smirked..."I found my next target""Mirai-chan, let's go," Umika said to her friend, coming near her desk.Departure time had finally arrived and the rich kids walked slowly and elegantly out of the school, having their butlers or maids carry what little things they had with them.Calm down so we can have a peaceful lunch," Yuto said, placing his hand on Ryosuke's shoulder and after a final look at them, continued they continued on their way up.

I heard that even his father turned nice when they had started dating! His parents were really nice, especially to people like us. Once again his father found a way to humiliate him and it wasn't even noon. The other three raising an eyebrow in curiosity, not that Ryosuke didn't have the odd habit of standing abruptly but it was two minutes early."What's up?This level composed of the four rulers of this school, the F4. In this group was Nishikado Yuri, son of Nishikado Sojiro, Mimasaka Daiki, son of Mimasaka Akira, Hanazawa Yuto, son of Hanazawa Rui, and finally their leader, Domyouji Ryosuke, son of Domyouji Tsukasa and Makino Tsukishi.Now you'd think that Domyouji Ryosuke would be kind to "commoners" like herself because his mother was also a commoner before, but he was the total opposite."Yo Shida" Mirai looked up at the sound of her name being called.As Domyoji Ryosuke, now the leader of F4, begins to terrorize the scholarshipped students in Eitoku Gakuen, he's meet with one Scholar who isn't giving up without a fight, will Ryosuke's fate mirror his parents?Or will he be able to escape the shadow of his parents and set a new path for himself?

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